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Since 1999 Broadcasting Concepts, Inc. has been breaking barriers streaming the highest quality of video, chat, and audio on the net today. With the worlds' technological growth, Broadcasting Concepts has formulated solutions for business and the public to better communicate through the use of video, chat, and audio over the Internet. Our staff is committed to solving new ways to better our process and tend to the needs of customers and clientele.

Would you like to stream a live event on the net? Does your business need a source of video, chat, and audio conferencing to groups of people world wide? Or maybe you just can't make your best friends wedding but would love to see it live from any computer. Broadcasting Concepts can make it happen.

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Website Design
Video Conferencing
Software Development
This department is vital for the back-end of our websites. It is necessary that each website is able to meet the needs of a clients specification.

From e-commerce to tracking data, Broadcasting Concepts is on top of today's technology. Our programmers assure the security of our network as well as parent companies.
The site creation process is simple. Our designers will be in contact with the client to get a look and feel of what the site layout should look like. At this time the client can can give specifications and any content that would like to be posted.

If there is uncertainty what is desired for a look, Broadcasting Concepts designers will create a look that is up to date and relevant to the niche. Now the client may have an idea that we can work from. Our team works close with the client to produce an end result that is of top excellence.
Broadcasting concepts specializes in video conferencing. We have come to meet today's standards in technology by integrating video, audio, and chat at the highest quality. Broadcasting Concepts has the capability to customize our software to match needs of various industries.
The majority of Broadcasting Concepts's software is created in house by our programming department. Using programs such as visual basic, we are able to create user and client side applets viewable on the Internet.

Tech Support
Service Summary
The customer support department is a 24 hour 7 days a week operation. This team of individuals is dedicated to assisting our customers and clients through technical and account barring issues.

Broadcasting Concepts ensures that all problems are rectified thoroughly and with haste. This is done by having a 24/7 dedicated staff and an online live video / chat representative to assist persons who cannot call or would rather work with an online representative.

As a team effort, the technical support staff plays a vital role in the operation of Broadcasting Concepts.
Broadcasting Concepts, Inc. (Broadcasting Concepts) develops live streaming video software. In addition Broadcasting Concepts operates a sophisticated Internet broadcasting network. Both of these business processes enable Broadcasting Concepts to receive 250,000 views per day.

Broadcasting Concepts employs 51 people including 17 software programmers, network designers, video streaming specialists, and graphic design technicians.

Software design and implementation is handled in a team environment and on a project basis. By doing this the Broadcasting Concepts team has been able to create systems that avoid cyber attacks, fraudulent billing and a host of other service disruptive activities.

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